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At the Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer and wedding portrait photography services we offer both the traditional as well as modern approaches to south Florida weddings.  Having been a Fort Lauderdale and Miami wedding photographer for years has tought us much about brides and grooms and what they are looking for whether it is a small beach wedding, a large church wedding, a specialty wedding, or any other type of wedding you could be seeking.  Having  performed Disney weddings, beach weddings,small and large in-door as well as outdoor weddings, we have learned that everyone is looking for something different in their wedding and special day. We are here to provide our wedding services and enjoy shooting all types of weddings no matter what the challenges.  Even a simple reaffirmation of wedding vows we take very seriously and will photojournalistically capture your wedding as if it were ours. In-door and outdoor wedding all have their own sets of challenges.  Being aware of possible problems averts them as we come prepared for everything.  We want you to have a drama free and super special day that everyone will remember for a lifetime!!! DON’T PANIC!!! I’ll bet you didn’t think you had to be a rocket scientist just to get married did you? I am here to help you.  A wedding planner can help direct and advise you of who to deal with.  Once your wedding starts you may need someone there who can advise and direct things.  Many times this becomes the photographer.  Also, with all of the weddings I have photographed with all types of ceremonies I have never see one like the other.  Every wedding takes on a life of it’s own and therefore has it’s own personality and timetable. All of these wedding are full of fun as long as you have photographers and other professionals who have done this hundreds of times to advise and help direct the wedding, guests, and reception in the right way.

Matt Dunn Capturing the Wedding Ceremony End in Rollins University Church Winter Park Florida

I Am Interested in Telling That Story, Your Story!  Your Wedding!!!

Ceremony in Winter Park Florida at Rollins College

I will concentrate my efforts on creating photographs for you that journalistic  & artistically capture Your Wedding Day. Having been a magazine photographer for more than 20 years, I have proven that I will do anything and everything to get “the shot”.

Ring Ceremony

I am not interested in re-print orders from your friends and relatives. I will not waste time or your money shooting pictures specifically targeted at the re-print market (such as table shots, groups and posed portraits of every person at your wedding) in the hopes that they will order a print or two.  I will be there for you, The Bride, in every situation.  After all, this is your day.Invest in your Memories

Beautiful Shot of Cathedral with Newlyweds

I will be happy to get specific with prices and create an estimate for you once we have had a chance to talk about your needs and desires as well as what you have budgeted for your photographic memories.

Three things that last: There are only three things that last a life time from your wedding day:   1) Your Love & Commitment.   2) Your Rings.

Nose Nuzzle with the Flower Girl

The Happy Newlyweds!

The Entire Wedding Party
The Happy Couple with
6 Groomsmen and 6 Bridesmaids

The Bride and Bridesmaids Rounding the Church

3) Your Photographs.

Harper’s Bazaar


Proud Daddy with His Daughter

Photo Journalist Wedding Photographer | Wedding Portrait Photography

Photo Journalist Wedding Photographer | Wedding Portrait Photography

Here Comes the Bride!!!

Lipstick On The Collar!!!

The Happy Couple

A Touching Moment

The Happy Couple Entering the Reception

Photo Journalist Wedding Photographer | Wedding Portrait Photography

“The Proof”

Elation After The Reception

Harpers’s Bazaar Brides Fashion Story

Photo Journalist Wedding Photographer | Wedding Portrait Photography


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Cynthia Magazine Cover




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