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Sad Day Here

Today I lost a father; William Dillard. My father-in-law taught me more than he ever knew. I saw a mountain of a man who showed a powerful character in every facet of his life. Hard and long work were a backbone of his existence and this would impact me in quite a profound way. A very private and guarded man, he let me inside and showed me a side of him , I believe, he showed very few in his life which made me feel very privileged. He adored his daughter, my wife, as well as his granddaughter. He loved to brag about them and was so very proud of them. He was so very proud of his daughter. He would talk about her and a look would come over his face that was, indescribable. Although he was a tough character he loved deeply and it showed though actions. His sacrifices were many and there will always be a place in my heart for this very special man who made a very deep and profound impact on me and my life.
I love you Bill. We love you Bill. You will be missed.

10 Rules for Photographers and Models by Matt Dunn

Link to Matt Dunn Photography official website: 10 Rules For Female Models from Male Photographers

– Stop being snooty! Because there will always be someone better than you with a better attitude.

– Stop talking shit about others. We don’t care how much you hate the other models and what drama you had with them. We’re your photographers not your Psychotherapists. Besides, times are wasting when you could be shooting!

– Stop being a flake. Some photographers use valuable studio time to shoot you, if you’re not showing up, at least give us a call. It’s common sense. And yes we’ve heard the “I got in to an accident” excuse a million times.

– Don’t shoot with a photographer if you’re just doing it for practice. A lot of the time it’s noticeable when you choose to shoot with crappy photographers just because you want to feel better about yourself, and don’t have the confidence to shoot with good ones. If you’re gonna shoot with someone you don’t like and complain in the end…
then DON’T DO IT!! It’s that simple.

– Chain your testosterone driven boyfriend on a leash. While it’s totally understandable that you want to bring him for protection, an overzealous bf is just a headache and a half. We have TV dramas for that kind of stuff.

– Don’t just stand there like a stick! No explanation needed for this one.

– Don’t move around too much too!

– Have patience with your photos. Even if it’s digital, it takes time to edit these images. Especially if you have a lot of pimples and blemishes… and yes… fat!

– No, we’re not gonna carry your bags. We’re not bell boys. Some of us are nice enough to offer but don’t make it seem like we owe it to you, or like it’s a privilege.

10 Rules for Male Photographers from Female Models

– No we’re not going to sleep with you. Models are in very vulnerable positions of having photographers take charge of what’s being shot. We have to expose our skin time to time, and we know that is something hard for some of you to handle. Did we mention No means No?

– We’re not an escort or dating service either. Enough said.

– Stop talking negative about others. While some are legit warnings about shady photographers, we can usually tell if you’re just hating on others or not.

– Stop being Jealous. We’re Models… we shoot with different photographers. Enough said.

– Compliment us time to time. We know you’re not our Bf’s to tell us if our asses look fat or not… but a lot of us are insecure about certain areas and we need to know if we’re doing fine. However, “You’re HAWT!!! is not a compliment.

– If you want us to look good for our shoots, please don’t offer any cold cuts or pizza when we eat. We do have cravings too, and it kills us that we can’t eat them.

– Get over yourself. A lot of Photographers have what we call “God Complexes”. You’re good, we chose you. But there are plenty of Photographers who are better out there.

– Photos take time to edit, but don’t take “too much time”. We’re excited to see what you’ve done with us so can you blame us for rushing you?

– Don’t be offended if we’re careful with signing certain contracts. We just don’t want to end up being in some sort of porn site.

– If we want to bring our BF’s for the sake of protection, please try to understand. Especially if this is our first time. There are a lot of creeps out there and we just don’t want to get raped or sexually harassed.