Taking Better Photos of Your Kids at Play

Studios are a fine way to document what your child looks like.  The lighting control a professional has while shooting in a studio is perfect for showing the slight nuances in your child’s face and can show scale in a very stable environment.  However to really show the personality of your child try putting him in a place to show it; the playground.

Playgrounds are an integral part of any childhood. They’re a place to run and jump, make new friends, and try new things. That is why a playground is a fantastic place to make great pictures. But before you grab your little ones and head to the nearest park, here are a few tips you’ll want to know.

Though it is natural for us to take pictures while standing, when photographing kids, you may want to try getting closer to the ground. Shooting on a child’s level will prevent the distortion of bigger heads and little feet you sometimes get when shooting down on little ones from a standing position. Plus, you will see more of your child’s face and less of the top of her head. It can also give your photographs a better feel for how they see the world.

A zoom lens is a perfect lens to use when capturing images of your kids at play. Pros use the expression “fill the frame.” It means move in and compose the photo by including only what is important to your shot. For example, if you are photographing your child blowing bubbles, instead of photographing a full-length image with the playground in the background, zoom into her face as she blows the bubbles, or crop tightly on her hand waving the bubble wand in the air.

At the playground (or anywhere, for that matter) it’s going to be pretty hard to have your kids stand still for a photo. The solution is to capture them in action. Just be sure you set your camera to a fast shutter speed and if the camera you’re using has scene modes, use the sports scene mode. This will ensure that you freeze the action, instead of ending up with a blur running through the image.

Childrens images shot for Walt Disney World

Take photos of your kids on the swings, coming down the slide, climbing on the monkey bars, and any other playground apparatus. Be sure to experiment with different angles. You might be happily surprised with the results. Look for the geometric shapes and bright colors that fill the playground and include them in your compositions for more interesting photographs.

If your kids do slow down enough to let you pose a few photos, try capturing an impromptu portrait. Zoom in close to capture the joyous expressions.

And, remember that playgrounds will often incorporate picnic tables, ball courts, winding paths and more—all possible subjects for great photographs of your kids at play.

A playground is a great place for kids to have fun and can be a great place for a photographer to have fun, too!


Disney/ ABC Cancels Drew Barrymore’s Charlies Angels

Sorry, angels. You’ve been axed.

Minka Kelly Takes a Break Between Takes While Filming Charlie's Angels in Miami

Production has shut down in Miami on Drew Barrymore-produced Charlie’s Angels, starring Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly and Annie Ilonzeh. It’s ABC’s first cancellation of the new season, says Variety. It is a pity as here in Florida we need jobs. I have been working on this production since June. Much of the production were brought from California.

Episodes that have already been filmed will continue to air on Thursday nights in its 8 p.m. time slot until ABC decides what will replace the show. At least seven shows are believed to be ready for airing.

ABC Disney’s Best New Show Is Revenge Reven8e

Summer may be over, but things are just beginning to heat up in ABC’s new drama series Revenge. Set in the Hamptons, the series is poised to become a true guilty pleasure, should the show live up to the intrigue offered in the pilot. As the opening monologue states, “This is not a story about forgiveness.”

Created by Mike Kelley, Revenge twists soapy drama around a mystery and at the center is Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), a seemingly pleasant, beautiful woman who has chosen to surround herself with other beautiful, wealthy people as she rents a house on the beach on Long Island. While she appears to blend in well among society’s elite Emily has a score to settle, and with good reason too. Her motivations for vengeance are explained as the episode progresses.

Revenge’s premiere episode begins at a party where something terrible happens, after which the episode goes back in time to the day Emily arrived in the Hamptons. From there, the pilot manages to work the character introductions, Emily’s extremely relevant back-story and family history, and her first bit of exacted revenge into the hour-long episode.

We’re introduced to Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), a gorgeous, wealthy, and socially powerful woman whose word and opinion goes a long way. Her husband Conrad (Henry Czerny) is also powerful and extremely wealthy, though it seems as though Victoria may have the upper hand in the relationship. Their son Daniel (Josh Bowman) is immediately attracted to Emily and completely unaware of her motives. The last Grayson is Charlotte (Christa B. Allen). She’s as beautiful and privileged as the rest of her family.

Among the non-rich characters entering into Emily’s life are Nolan (Gabrielle Mann) and Jack (Nick Wechsler). Both men have ties to Emily’s past, which are revealed in the premiere. While Emily appears to be set to pair up with Daniel Grayson, it might not be a stretch to guess that there could be something romantic on the horizon for her and Jack.

A series like Revenge is likely to be an escape for anyone who lacks a house in the Hampton’s and formal galas to attend. However, if a rich-people-with-problems premise isn’t enough to hold your attention, Emily’s thought-out scheme to pay back the people who wronged her family just might. Through flashbacks, we’re given just enough information about what she had, what she lost and who is to blame, to understand why she’s doing what she’s doing and to want to see her succeed. At the same time, there’s a lot left to find out, which could make the series worth watching beyond the first few episodes. All the while, the first few minutes of the series premiere, which show how the summer is going to end, linger in the back of our minds as we’re left to wonder how things got to that point.

While Stowe delivers a performance that balances grace, confidence and just enough intimidation to understand why people look at and to her the way they do, VanCamp plays Emily in such away that it’s not quite clear just how far she’s willing to go to pay back the people who wronged her.

Revenge feels like it should be a summer series. Not only is it set in a summer town during peak season, but the soapy element lends itself to a series that indulges in the drama of a wealthy people with a lot of self-inflicted problems. With warmer days behind us, Revenge may offer a bit of mystery and intrigue, and plenty of fun, should the series manage to continue building on the momentum of the series premiere.

Once Again Top Photographer in Fort Lauderdale

I am so proud to get this award for the 5th consecutive time.
<a href=”http://www.thumbtack.com/fl/fort-lauderdale/photographer/#sort=rating&hilite=jA2t3UHHtmXTRA”>Photographers – Fort Lauderdale, FL</a>

ABC/ Disney New Charlie’s Angels Hits Miami!!! Angels in Chains!

I have been working with ABC and Disney revamping and relaunching Charlie’s Angels, a 1970’s television series which stared Kate Jackson, Jacqueline Smith, and last but not least Farrah Faucett- Majors.  The crew is great and the budget seems to be large.  Lots of special effects and long days with a top-notch crew.

Rachael Taylor on the set of ABC's Charlie's Angels photo by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

The premise is the same as the original series and the subsequent movies: Three young ladies, saved from prison sentences by a mysterious man named Charlie Townsend, work together to take down criminals in unconventional ways. In this version, the three ladies are Abby (Rachael Taylor), think Serena van der Woodsen turned catburgler; Gloria (Nadine Velasquez), a former military gal who made a wrong decision; and Kate (Annie Ilonez), a dirty cop. As the pilot begins, they’re trying stop a kidnapping ring when Gloria falls victim to a car explosion (which is so obviously shot that even an Amish person who’d never seen TV before could see it coming) and dies, immediately putting a wrench in their happy little family. Yes, most of these characters are orphaned or have severe family issues, so they’ve bonded together on the lovely beaches of Miami in order to soothe their pain away with kickboxing, Parkour-style wall-climbing and heaps of sunshine.

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly)photo by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

The Angels try to pin the explosion on Eve (Minka Kelly), who used to “work” with Gloria back in her carjacking days, but it turns out that Eve was actually trying to help Gloria on some secret case to take down Carlos Bernard (the former Tony Almeida on 24, now an El Salvadoran crime lord who specializes in trafficking young women). With the help of Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez), the girls are able to easily deal with any sort of problems that get in their way and eventually take down the person who once tried to kidnap Gloria and Eve from their South American orphanage before they went all it’s-a-hard-knock-life on his ass and slapped him in the face with a statue. Obviously, Charlie is impressed with Eve’s skills and taps her to be the new Angel, and the girls all lounge around on his yacht and compare shoes and make plans to share wardrobes.

New Charlie's Angels,Abby (Rachael Taylor)

New Charlie's Angels,Abby (Rachael Taylor)photo by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly), by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly), by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly)

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly)by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

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Parents Always Ask “What About the Model Searches like Manhattan Model Search and ProScout?”

It seems obvious one of those companies who comes through town must be in the Orlando area, selling a weekend to “be discovered” because I have had so many parents ask our opinion about such things. Interestingly I have heard these questions from parents from kids who aren’t tall enough yet, old enough yet, one girls still has braces, another needs to work on her body, and yet this company is selling them packages to be seen by agencies in October (for $1500)

I  am realizing the two biggest common mistakes aspiring models and their parents make: 1) Listening and trusting the wrong people 2) Pursuing things too soon when they aren’t in model shape, are too young, haven’t done their homework about the industry, and/or haven’t cleared up their skin, grown in over-tweezed eyebrows, etc…

SO….trust your gut, YES, they make their money selling hundreds of people for each city. People will tell me their child has been “SELECTED” but the reality is you’ve been “SOLD”. Even if someone has potential, if they are not ready, they will got lost in the shuffle, and it’s like throwing money down the drain. THERE IS A BETTER WAY. My promise to you is that I am committed to letting you see behind the curtain, the curtain they don’t want you to see behind.  Actually it is closely guarded.

For over 20 years I have felt very passionate about helping aspiring models and their parents understand the business and to help guard them against the predatory companies selling them unnecessary classes, expensive shoots, giant model conventions, weekend scouting events, and outrageous website fees.

After our recent turn of events, we are now more determined than ever to be the voice and help educate people through our website. Stay tuned…

One more time, TRUST YOUR GUT. If you’re asking if things are unnecessary and too much money, you already know the answer…


Information About Matt Dunn Model Scouting

Matt Dunn Photography utilizes more than 25 years of fashion business expertise to provide innovative personal management to new and experienced talent.
Having a plan from day one is of the utmost importance to any model who wants a successful, long-term career.
The fashion industry is driven by youth and trends that can make one model a star and another yesterday’s news. Day rates and earnings depend on changes in styles and looks and a modeling career can be unexpectedly cut short.
Only a very small percentage of all aspiring models actually make it to the superstar level. However, with planning, solid understanding of the business, and one-on-one personal guidance from our expert team, talent can have enduring and lucrative careers.
Most models lack experience to stay in control of their careers and end up getting lost in the innumerable sea of other models.
We help our talent establish a strategy from day one based on our expertise and your expectations and goals. We can become your voice in an otherwise difficult business. We are a support system where we can develop and implement plans and bring them to fruition through our networks of top hair, makeup, and stylist, as well as world-class photographer, Matt Dunn. Our vast pool of top agency contacts from around the world allows us to match you with the agencies with whom your look will be the most compatible.
We look forward to working with you and welcome a call from you.