Laserfibre Quantum TT Premium

Laserfibre Quantum TT Premium

Evaluations of the Laserfibre Quantum TT Premium:

Matt Dunn, April 29, 2009:

Place of purchase: Laserfibre

Date of purchase: 01/2009

Warranty: 10 years

Price: $679


tabletop, drop-weight constant pull tensioning, 6-point suspension mounting, 2 fixed clamps, tools, string


Ordered the stringer in January of 09, missing parts. Was sent replacement parts and told how to install them. No manual was sent, no instructions on how to put the machine together. Must say the man who sold it to me(the designer of the machine) walked me through how to string on the phone. Never had strung a racquet before. Was promised a new machine since this one had many types of problems from what he said about my string job. I sent him multiple images of the machine and what I was doing. I never received a PO to ship back or any more correspondence; no machine. Sent several emails and made multiple phone calls. No response to my issues was ever made beyond the last call… I have been stuck with $700.00 paperweight that doesn’t work properly nor ever did. Poor customer service.