Eagle One Arms Gun Shop Not Fair Rip Off

Eagle One Arms Gun Shop
4202 Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers FL 33901
I was looking to buy one of their guns while trading one of mine. I was dealing with them via Florida Gun Trader which is a great website for buying and selling and trading guns .
Be aware I have done hundreds of barter deals through car deals as well as Florida Gun Trader and Ebay. I know fair people and traders and those who are not. This dealer is not a fair dealer. He is selling concealed weapons permit training at a very cut-rate which is my first flag. Second I was working on a deal with him which he wanted to trade me for my Beretta which is in like-new condition. He wanted to give me less than half of what I paid and I bought it from Bud’s Gun Shop, . Bud’s generally is among the lowest sellers on the internet and I paid about $550 for my gun delivered. This guy wanted to pay me $225 for my gun while charging me about $150 more than market value for a gun he had. He felt justified since he paid extra for laser grips(which I could care less about. Be careful dealing with this guy. For your information!!!