This is a public service announcement regarding Matt Jaime Wells.  In August of 2015 a friend of a photographer friend of mine contacted me about a room I had for rent.  I told him about it and then met with Matt Jaime Wells about the room.  He, like many at first, appeared to be normal.  This is why I offered him the room and had him sign a month to month lease with a 60 day advance written notice before vacating.

However, many things over the next two months came to light.  One thing I found out was that Matt Jaime Wells is a total and complete drug addict! He is addicted to Dextroamphetamine/Amphetamine (Adderall).  This is a powerful and addictive stimulant and what he would do is stay up and awake for days at a time and afterward he would crash for 2 or more days, very much like he died.  I checked on him multiple times over the months to make sure he did not! Eventually he was fired from his job not only for poor job performance but for attendants issues.  The job he was fired from was Robert Half Creative Group.  Of course he takes no responsibility for his being fired but I can tell you of his wild and inappropriate behavior as well as his impulsiveness and not thinking things through.  Unfortunately he has an entitlement mentality and believe the world owes him something.  He bounced multiple checks on me and his mother, Donna Wells, would bail him out by paying me his rent and expenses.  Wells also hasn’t paid a penny on his car loan since he got this new car and he always jokes he cant believe they haven’t repossessed it yet!

I believes he feel this way because of something I later found out on my own.  I found some bottles of medicine he was taking and after doing a little research found out the secret he was hiding from me.  He is HIV POSITIVE!!! He never told me or even hinted that he was.  He hid this fact from me for 3 months.  When I told my girlfriend that he was she freaked out since we all shared the same air, dishes, bathroom ect.  After all I was furious too but I am also humane and not going to throw him into the street, something my girlfriend suggested.  IMG_7413 IMG_7414

Anyhow he, now without a job, I suggested him start to be an assistant to me in my job.  That quickly went array as well since he can never stay on task and his inconsistency created turmoil even in the most simple circumstances.  More of the Adderall problems.  Anyhow I would just step back and see if anything he was doing would come to fruition.  Nothing!!! Not one job or project for over a month and a half even though I gave him all of my notes and contact lists(which he also stole from me).  He then took up with this guy.  They started spending all their time together, much of which was in Palm Beach.

I recently got a booking in Jamaica from one of my clients I have had for 15+ years.  I had recently come off a 2 day job in Hollywood Florida and had to catch a red-eye to Jamaica to be there to shoot from morning to dusk.  I told Matt since I needed him to watch my dog while I was out of the country.  Matt said he would take care of my dog.  I left the next morning having not seen him arrive.  When I returned home after 2 days I found the house in complete disarray and no one here.  That was 11:30 in the evening.  At about 1:30 in the morning Matt Wells walked into the house completely drunk and acting like a fool.  When I confronted them about the house he told me they had a party there while I had been gone.  I was mad since I have thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the house as I am a photographer.  I don’t know any of these people who were there and no one was authorized to do this.  Matt Wells started a big defensive posturing against me all the while being belligerent and non-apologetic. He then proceeded to walk by me and threw my computer case at me which hit me in the face.

Matt Wells left driving his car, highly intoxicated.

Five complete days went by and I never heard a word from him.  At approximately 5:30 in the evening that same day Wells arrived with 2 policemen and cleaned out his closets along with Manny, the friend of the friend I spoke about who made the introduction in the first place.

Don’t make the mistake of letting this guy anywhere near your life.  He is a duplicitous person without conscience and with reckless malice and will continue to hurt those who keep trying to help him.  He even just told his step father he needed $900 and then, after his got his credit card numbers, proceeded to charge $7000 to it!  That being said is criminal however knowingly passing on, repeatedly, the deadly and fatal disease of AIDS and HIV in a third-degree felony!!!!

One of his sick Twitter Pages I recently found:

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