ABC/ Disney New Charlie’s Angels Hits Miami!!! Angels in Chains!

I have been working with ABC and Disney revamping and relaunching Charlie’s Angels, a 1970’s television series which stared Kate Jackson, Jacqueline Smith, and last but not least Farrah Faucett- Majors.  The crew is great and the budget seems to be large.  Lots of special effects and long days with a top-notch crew.

Rachael Taylor on the set of ABC's Charlie's Angels photo by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

The premise is the same as the original series and the subsequent movies: Three young ladies, saved from prison sentences by a mysterious man named Charlie Townsend, work together to take down criminals in unconventional ways. In this version, the three ladies are Abby (Rachael Taylor), think Serena van der Woodsen turned catburgler; Gloria (Nadine Velasquez), a former military gal who made a wrong decision; and Kate (Annie Ilonez), a dirty cop. As the pilot begins, they’re trying stop a kidnapping ring when Gloria falls victim to a car explosion (which is so obviously shot that even an Amish person who’d never seen TV before could see it coming) and dies, immediately putting a wrench in their happy little family. Yes, most of these characters are orphaned or have severe family issues, so they’ve bonded together on the lovely beaches of Miami in order to soothe their pain away with kickboxing, Parkour-style wall-climbing and heaps of sunshine.

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly)photo by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

The Angels try to pin the explosion on Eve (Minka Kelly), who used to “work” with Gloria back in her carjacking days, but it turns out that Eve was actually trying to help Gloria on some secret case to take down Carlos Bernard (the former Tony Almeida on 24, now an El Salvadoran crime lord who specializes in trafficking young women). With the help of Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez), the girls are able to easily deal with any sort of problems that get in their way and eventually take down the person who once tried to kidnap Gloria and Eve from their South American orphanage before they went all it’s-a-hard-knock-life on his ass and slapped him in the face with a statue. Obviously, Charlie is impressed with Eve’s skills and taps her to be the new Angel, and the girls all lounge around on his yacht and compare shoes and make plans to share wardrobes.

New Charlie's Angels,Abby (Rachael Taylor)

New Charlie's Angels,Abby (Rachael Taylor)photo by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly), by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly), by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly)

ABC's new Charlie's Angels with Eve (Minka Kelly)by Matt Dunn/ABC/Disney

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