Another Photographer Scam Alert

Another Photographer scam alert

What good news!!! Someone wants to hire me as a photographer.

It seems that a Ms Doris Clack of Toledo want me to go out and shoot her wedding on the 31st of May.

Wow, good news indeed – my fame as a pro photographer has spread!!! 😉 I must reply immediately…

Only a few minor issues… Firstly I’m a commercial photographer who rarely covers weddings at all.

Secondly, the address looks like this. Hmm, just the sort of place I feel like traveling to in Toledo OH.

1515 W Laskey Rd, Toledo, OH, United States
What is this, a Simpsons address. Where do these guys come up with this? If they were
smart at least they would have recruited someone who could proofread and find all of the spelling and grammatical errors.

If I remember rightly, this one goes along the lines of:
1, ‘We’ll send you a check for all your costs and expenses”
2, Wedding gets cancelled
3, “Keep 20% of the check value, if you can just transfer the rest back to us”
4, Check turns out to be stolen/forged, so you lose the money you sent back.

I’ve seen much more plausible ones than this – what I always ask myself is… “OK, I know I’m a great photographer but why would someone pay to fly me out of Florida? Cant they find a good photographer available far cheaper locally?”

The full email…
Good day,

I am Miss Doris Clack from United State, i am getting married to Mr
James bills on the 31 0f May 2013 at 1515 W Laskey Rd, Toledo, OH 43612
i needed a special photographer who will take a place at the
event next months i will like to know all what it will cost
you to get to the location here and the actual amount to take a
coverage of 7hour from the church to the reception i really need to
know this so that i can contact my father in-law about this because he
his the one paying for this coverage await your response immediately.

Thanks & God bless
Doris Clack

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