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November 18th, 2013

As a Unit Production Stills Photographer in Florida my  job is to create two types of images. The first is, photos specifically intended for use in the publicity and marketing of feature films or television productions, shot as the main camera sees it, while the movie is being filmed. I am also always look for alternative angles and shots taken from a different point of view than the main camera as long as they can capture the movie mood and feel without altering the meaning of the scene.  The lighting and feel of the scenes integrity is always maintained without any embellishment from me or my exposures.  Simply stated, no flash and a similar look and feel to exposures set by the camera operators.

Rachael Taylor on the set of ABC's Charlie's Angels

Rachael Taylor on the set of ABC’s Charlie’s Angels

The second type of images I produce I call “BTS” or “behind the scenes”.  On the set I document the making of the movie or show and images includes close-ups of the actors and crew, wide shots of the crew shooting the action or even setting up the equipment, props etc. Basically anything that goes on behind the scenes that can still used for press releases and/or released to the media.

Minka Kelly Takes a Break Between Takes While Filming Charlie's Angels in Miami

Minka Kelly Takes a Break Between Takes While Filming Charlie’s Angels in Miami

I shoot with top of the line NIKON bodies using the fastest and best lenses available ( I can shoot on low lit sets when needed with the fastest primes available on the market) and two professional sound blimps to reduce (almost mute) the sound of my camera’s motor drives & shutters, so its noise won’t get picked on the film’s recorded soundtrack while the action is rolling. All of the above must be done while not getting in the way of the crew, or even worse, without getting in the shot myself. In order to accomplish all this and get the job done it is extremely important to always understand and be aware of what’s happening on the set around me and what is going to happen next, and, last but not least be as invisible as possible and blend in with the crew/background.



I have been doing this type of work, professionally, for more than 13 years and am a regular on ABC and Disney features and shows.  I have done this work in Los Angeles in studio as well as on location and also in Florida in studio and location.  I make friends quickly and smoothy can operate within any set and any circumstance and have few limitations.  I am also quite familiar and used to tight budgets and fast turn-around.  I have fast portable hard drives which I can ship daily with the photography which is produced.

Childrens images shot for Walt Disney World

Childrens images shot for Walt Disney World

Please feel free to give me a call to get a price quote for Florida unit production still photography or Los Angeles or wherever you are planning production(passport-ready) and let me know what your next production involves whether it be a television show (TV), feature film (MOVIE), or music video.



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