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   Email or call us with any questions you may have about your portrait needs.  We at Matt Dunn Photography are ready and willing to share all of the secrets we have learned about portrait photography from our extensive experience.  We are excited about your special day and plan extensively to make sure your portrait runs smoothly and you feel comfortable and excited too.  Relax and take a deep breath.  We are here to make everything in your vision for your portraits come true.

First we need to have our initial meeting.  Feel free to bring any examples or magazine pages you would like your portrait photographs to resemble. Since photography is a visual art it can be difficult to fully describe, in words, exactly the look or feel you desire.   Also make sure to write down any questions you may have for me.   Matt Dunn Photography makes certain there are no surprises.  Enjoying your day is all you need to do.

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Telephone Number: (954)529-1390

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