Gary Garbrecht and His High Performance Boat Career

At the beginning of my photography career I photographed and wrote articles for many different boating publications. Having grown up in Florida, I had an innate understanding of boating and fishing so this came naturally to me. I had the pleasure of accessing many of the greatest names in racing and boating from Magnum, Cigarette, Donzi, Apache,as well as many others. But among all of my boating assignments none made such an impact on me as the afternoon I spent with Gary Garbrecht. Actually I shadowed him most of the day and his energy level and innovative thinking abounded in everything he did. Below you will find the magazine feature I did of him in 1989 that was in Powerboat Magazine. This was an exclusive interview and to my knowledge(Mr. Garbrecht told me he had never had done an in-depth interview)had never been done before or after.

Team Mercury with Garbrect

Gary ,as usual, at the control helm

Reggie Fountain, Bill Seebold, and Earl Bentz

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