Matt Dunn Gets on His Knees to Photograph Kids and Pets

Hey guys,

Been asked repeatedly about how I shoot children and pets so well.  Here is the secret.  Get down on their level! It really is that simple.  They will gravitate to you and respond very differently than if you loom over them asking them to pick their heads up to look at you.  Shoot in the morning since pets and people are most compliant then.  Shoot lost of images and dont worry so much about getting everything right.  It will stress your subject.  Just have fun with the process and they will enjoy it as well.  Keep everything positive and praise often.  I promise the next time you break out the camera they will love having their photograph taken.Our loving companion for more than 8 yearsNotice that I was on the ground when I shot this image.  They are both so relaxed and it was so much fun.  They had been running and playing in Tennessee.

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