Model Launcher and owner Bill Staniford, formerly of Property Shark,who was also involved with dating a Russian spy, is at it again. Misrepresenting his new company as a viable and successful model scouting firm all the while propping himself up abusing a loophole in Facebook to basically steal images from all corners of the world. Even though it has been pointed out to him, Staniford and his company continues to pilfer from image makers, model talent, singers, actors and actresses,hair and makeup artists, clothing stylists and countless others in the “real business” Staniford passes himself off as belonging to. He is stealing from the same industry professionals he is wanting and trying to be a part of. He is using photos of Rhianna, Heidi Klum, Irina Shayk with Select Model Management,and Izabel Goulart with Women Models,among others, all without their permission. He knows all of this as it is willful misrepresentation and wants to mislead the wannabe model public, most notably young boys and girls, into believing he has something to do with the successful promotion of these models, singers, and actors. He is doing all of this in hopes of creating a following/ ie. traffic to his fallacious sites. In a recent email exchange I had with Mansfield Staniford I told him: You know what you have been doing is illegal and immoral since when I pointed out how you were misrepresenting yourself and company(federal copyright infringement) you had one of your minions quickly take down my notices on Facebook to continue your deception. Here is the link to the ridiculously lengthy TERMS OF USE legal notice THEY USE to try to strip any rights YOU have.
He then tried threatening me:
“I am sure that you wouldn’t want someone attempting to destroy your online reputation, would you? That wouldn’t be very good for business, would it? I would kindly ask you to remove your fallacious comments regarding Model Launcher within the next 24 hours and we can both pretend that we never met each other.”
The only one being fallacious here is MODEL LAUNCHER, Bill Staniford aka Mansfield Staniford who is masquerading as someone connected to the fashion,beauty,music, and acting business.

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