Continuing with a scam that is ongoing, Bill Staniford, AKA Mansfield Staniford who was involved with a Russian spy that was deported by the US government,keeps copyright infringing on photographers, model, makeup artists, stylists, and model agency masquerading as and agent. He and his cronies keep duping Facebook kids ranging from 10-25 into believing Model Launcher is an illegitimate model scouting organization. He knows he is tricking children as I have informed him as well as other of his business associates of his. He has absolutely NO TIES TO THE FASHION BUSINESS. I am about to turn him into the agencies he continues to steal from and he will be finished. Model Launcher is a scam and has no ties to the industry and never will. I talked to many of my friends who are in the model management business and they are behind me in pulling back the curtain on the deception that is Model Launcher.

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