To be successful, a fashion photographer must be an exceptional problem solver. As with most professions, to be at the top means one must roll with the punches and become a creative problem solver, overcoming obstacles both seen and unseen. We have learned that this is no longer no mans land and that our clients and team expect this quality from us.

Being a professional means you can consistently create an exceptional result, in any condition – not only when conditions are exceptional. We must shoot, sometimes, when we are feeling less than artistic.

Many times, whether on location or studio, problems must be expected. I know what you are thinking, “what a negative thought process”. I would think that too except I have been a professional photographer for more than two decades and I can tell you, either you are prepared or you are not.

Many of my clients come to me and ask me about why I brought so much equipment or why we didn’t use a certain piece of equipment. Just like I have many lenses and camera bodies I have modifiers, scrims, reflectors and an entire myriad of stands and configurations. Most of these are not for use in optimal conditions; quite the contrary. In Florida, as well as many places I seem to shoot, inclement weather can pop up at a moment’s notice. Also sun can end up not being where I want it or the intensity not what I need for a certain shot. Theses are the circumstances you must prepare for. As the leader of the team you are expected to solve all of life’s little problems.Susanna_C_Elite_2-2015 187_ppRTCH

Do you have some hairpins, duct tape, 2 sided tape, clamps of all shapes and sizes, Velcro, extra swimsuits, etc.? There really is no telling what can and will happen on a shoot. If you don’t cover it you better make sure someone else will. Much of the well being of the shoot depends on your team and talent feeling great and that you are in control makes everyone feel warm fuzzies. This is one reason I try to find out what everyone likes to drink. Even something that small can make someone really feel like you care and in return they will give you their best.Susanna_C_Elite_2-2015 160_pp

The other day, I was on a remote location in Key Biscayne and my model had to be up against this banyan tree, which was infested with bull ants.   Well I didn’t have any repellent but my makeup artist did! It takes a team, a trusted team, to make things happen and everyone must go beyond their expected duties to be prepared. I call this professionalism and this all goes into the final product of these types of shoots.

The following day, we had another amazing day in Key Biscayne. This day ended up being one of the hottest and most miserable days I have ever been on location. I was sweating so much that I feared changing lenses for the sweat getting into the camera body. My makeup artist and myself, as well as the crew and models had to make adjustments in our normal protocol to successfully negotiate the obstacles at hand. The heat was unbearable, sandspurs and ants, painful, and the tide was exceptionally high but we made it work.Ria_A_Elite_2-2015_pp

Make certain that your team and you have collaborated before and you all know each other’s propensities, shortcomings, and idiosyncrasies. It makes the shoot go smoothly and gives you the best chances for a magical result.


As a Unit Production Stills Photographer in Florida my  job is to create two types of images. The first is, photos specifically intended for use in the publicity and marketing of feature films or television productions, shot as the main camera sees it, while the movie is being filmed. I am also always look for alternative angles and shots taken from a different point of view than the main camera as long as they can capture the movie mood and feel without altering the meaning of the scene.  The lighting and feel of the scenes integrity is always maintained without any embellishment from me or my exposures.  Simply stated, no flash and a similar look and feel to exposures set by the camera operators.

Rachael Taylor on the set of ABC's Charlie's Angels

Rachael Taylor on the set of ABC’s Charlie’s Angels

The second type of images I produce I call “BTS” or “behind the scenes”.  On the set I document the making of the movie or show and images includes close-ups of the actors and crew, wide shots of the crew shooting the action or even setting up the equipment, props etc. Basically anything that goes on behind the scenes that can still used for press releases and/or released to the media.

Minka Kelly Takes a Break Between Takes While Filming Charlie's Angels in Miami

Minka Kelly Takes a Break Between Takes While Filming Charlie’s Angels in Miami

I shoot with top of the line NIKON bodies using the fastest and best lenses available ( I can shoot on low lit sets when needed with the fastest primes available on the market) and two professional sound blimps to reduce (almost mute) the sound of my camera’s motor drives & shutters, so its noise won’t get picked on the film’s recorded soundtrack while the action is rolling. All of the above must be done while not getting in the way of the crew, or even worse, without getting in the shot myself. In order to accomplish all this and get the job done it is extremely important to always understand and be aware of what’s happening on the set around me and what is going to happen next, and, last but not least be as invisible as possible and blend in with the crew/background.



I have been doing this type of work, professionally, for more than 13 years and am a regular on ABC and Disney features and shows.  I have done this work in Los Angeles in studio as well as on location and also in Florida in studio and location.  I make friends quickly and smoothy can operate within any set and any circumstance and have few limitations.  I am also quite familiar and used to tight budgets and fast turn-around.  I have fast portable hard drives which I can ship daily with the photography which is produced.

Childrens images shot for Walt Disney World

Childrens images shot for Walt Disney World

Please feel free to give me a call to get a price quote for Florida unit production still photography or Los Angeles or wherever you are planning production(passport-ready) and let me know what your next production involves whether it be a television show (TV), feature film (MOVIE), or music video.



Natalia for Michele Pommier Models

This is a new girl from Los Angeles/Hollywood that came in for Swim Week here in Miami Beach.
I got a chance to shoot her over the weekend and we went on to make some iconic images for
not only the agency but also will be published in Esquire Russia.










More Don Aronow Information and How Ben Kramer Killed Him

New Website But Same Web Address

I have been working diligently on my new website. I had to go back to the beginning since all of the images are bigger and have much more detail. I should launch it in the next week since I am putting the finishing touches on everything. Working on new logo too. You will also see many updated images as well. Thank you everyone for your patience

Number 1 Again (Thanks South Florida)

Photographers, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Photographers – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thanks again to south Florida(Miami,Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach)for making me the number 1 photographer in work as well as sales. I am humbled and thankful.

Information About Matt Dunn Model Scouting

Matt Dunn Photography utilizes more than 25 years of fashion business expertise to provide innovative personal management to new and experienced talent.
Having a plan from day one is of the utmost importance to any model who wants a successful, long-term career.
The fashion industry is driven by youth and trends that can make one model a star and another yesterday’s news. Day rates and earnings depend on changes in styles and looks and a modeling career can be unexpectedly cut short.
Only a very small percentage of all aspiring models actually make it to the superstar level. However, with planning, solid understanding of the business, and one-on-one personal guidance from our expert team, talent can have enduring and lucrative careers.
Most models lack experience to stay in control of their careers and end up getting lost in the innumerable sea of other models.
We help our talent establish a strategy from day one based on our expertise and your expectations and goals. We can become your voice in an otherwise difficult business. We are a support system where we can develop and implement plans and bring them to fruition through our networks of top hair, makeup, and stylist, as well as world-class photographer, Matt Dunn. Our vast pool of top agency contacts from around the world allows us to match you with the agencies with whom your look will be the most compatible.
We look forward to working with you and welcome a call from you.

Updated Client List

I haven updated my client list in a while and thought I would post it.

Client List Main

Client List




W Magazine


Teen Vogue

Vogue Espana


Harper’s Bazaar en Espaniol

Harpers Bazaar Italia

Beauty Handbook


Marie Claire

Cosmopolitan Italia

Cosmopolitan Germania



Blow Up Magazine

Postmortem Magazine

Of First Magazine

Dimension Magazine

Sarasota Magazine








Makes and Models Magazine

Tennis View

Florida Tennis

Beauty Reinvented

Atlanta Magazine

Dossier Magazine

Karma Magazine

BMG Music

Sony Music

Warner Brothers

Universal Music Group

Shady Records

Interscope Records

Wimberley, Alison, Tong and Goo,

Clear Channel

Monsters in the Morning

ABC Television


Banana Moon

Venus Swimwear

Everything But Water

Powercraft Magazine

In Style Magazine

Coca Cola




Giorgio Armani

Shu Umura

Fit Magazine


Ron Jon Surf Shop


Purple Door Salon

Seventeen Magazine





Coin Department Store(Italy)

Discovery Girls

Professional Photographer


Teen Extreme

Look Good/ Feel Good

Teen Beauty Handbook

Reinventing Beauty Magazine

Second Effort Performance Products


Apache Powerboats

Magnum Powerboats

Aronow Powerboats

Mach Propellers



Georgia Pacific

Salvation Army

Morris Architects

Love For Venus

Creative Light Entertainment

Gebbia Entertainment Group

BMW Tennis Championships



Show Off Straps

Patterson Studios

Delray Beach International Tennis Championships February 24,2010

Ricardo Mello lost in straight sets to 2010 ITC winner Mardy Fish, 6-2, 6-1.

Delray Beach International Tennis Championships

For the fourth year in a row I am shooting the Delray beach ITC. Great tournament is a warm up event for the Master Series event in March which aptly named the “fifth slam” since there are so many heavy hitters in the tournament.
This years event featured Andy Roddick but after his 30th ATP tournament win , he declared he was sick and couldn’t play in the ITC. Other than Roddick, every top American is playing this event. Unfortunately John Isner, a top college player turned pro in 2007, was ousted by Teymuraz Gabashvili. Today Sam Querrey was taken down in straight sets by Ryan Sweeting, a Bahamian turned American since he has lived in the US since he was 12 years of age.
Tonight James Blake will take on Kei Nishikori, a Japanese star who has been fighting hard to get back inside the top 100 since his elbow injury and subsequent surgery.