Sad Day Here

Today I lost a father; William Dillard. My father-in-law taught me more than he ever knew. I saw a mountain of a man who showed a powerful character in every facet of his life. Hard and long work were a backbone of his existence and this would impact me in quite a profound way. A very private and guarded man, he let me inside and showed me a side of him , I believe, he showed very few in his life which made me feel very privileged. He adored his daughter, my wife, as well as his granddaughter. He loved to brag about them and was so very proud of them. He was so very proud of his daughter. He would talk about her and a look would come over his face that was, indescribable. Although he was a tough character he loved deeply and it showed though actions. His sacrifices were many and there will always be a place in my heart for this very special man who made a very deep and profound impact on me and my life.
I love you Bill. We love you Bill. You will be missed.