To be successful, a fashion photographer must be an exceptional problem solver. As with most professions, to be at the top means one must roll with the punches and become a creative problem solver, overcoming obstacles both seen and unseen. We have learned that this is no longer no mans land and that our clients and team expect this quality from us.

Being a professional means you can consistently create an exceptional result, in any condition – not only when conditions are exceptional. We must shoot, sometimes, when we are feeling less than artistic.

Many times, whether on location or studio, problems must be expected. I know what you are thinking, “what a negative thought process”. I would think that too except I have been a professional photographer for more than two decades and I can tell you, either you are prepared or you are not.

Many of my clients come to me and ask me about why I brought so much equipment or why we didn’t use a certain piece of equipment. Just like I have many lenses and camera bodies I have modifiers, scrims, reflectors and an entire myriad of stands and configurations. Most of these are not for use in optimal conditions; quite the contrary. In Florida, as well as many places I seem to shoot, inclement weather can pop up at a moment’s notice. Also sun can end up not being where I want it or the intensity not what I need for a certain shot. Theses are the circumstances you must prepare for. As the leader of the team you are expected to solve all of life’s little problems.Susanna_C_Elite_2-2015 187_ppRTCH

Do you have some hairpins, duct tape, 2 sided tape, clamps of all shapes and sizes, Velcro, extra swimsuits, etc.? There really is no telling what can and will happen on a shoot. If you don’t cover it you better make sure someone else will. Much of the well being of the shoot depends on your team and talent feeling great and that you are in control makes everyone feel warm fuzzies. This is one reason I try to find out what everyone likes to drink. Even something that small can make someone really feel like you care and in return they will give you their best.Susanna_C_Elite_2-2015 160_pp

The other day, I was on a remote location in Key Biscayne and my model had to be up against this banyan tree, which was infested with bull ants.   Well I didn’t have any repellent but my makeup artist did! It takes a team, a trusted team, to make things happen and everyone must go beyond their expected duties to be prepared. I call this professionalism and this all goes into the final product of these types of shoots.

The following day, we had another amazing day in Key Biscayne. This day ended up being one of the hottest and most miserable days I have ever been on location. I was sweating so much that I feared changing lenses for the sweat getting into the camera body. My makeup artist and myself, as well as the crew and models had to make adjustments in our normal protocol to successfully negotiate the obstacles at hand. The heat was unbearable, sandspurs and ants, painful, and the tide was exceptionally high but we made it work.Ria_A_Elite_2-2015_pp

Make certain that your team and you have collaborated before and you all know each other’s propensities, shortcomings, and idiosyncrasies. It makes the shoot go smoothly and gives you the best chances for a magical result.

How Did I Forget These Images of American Apparel Silver Swimsuit

How Did I Forget These Images of American Apparel Silver Swimsuit!  These are the icing on the cake of a beautiful shoot culmination with a very beautiful “golden hour” in Virginia Key off of Key Biscayne in Florida during late January.  You be the judge if we nailed it! The fabulous makeup was done by the incomparable Sherilyn Segal and the golden tresses were tended by Vanessa Varela.  Sexy, simple and beautiful!

A special thanks to the American Apparel on Lincoln road for their help in this photo shoot.



Caroline in American Apparel Silver Swimsuit

Caroline in American Apparel Silver Swimsuit


Caroline Beauty

Caroline Beauty

Caroline in American Apparel Silver Swimsuit

Caroline in American Apparel Silver Swimsuit

Caroline in American Apparel Silver Swimsuit

Caroline in American Apparel Silver Swimsuit


Another Throwback Thursday

Another example of a beautiful fashion and makeup story with the amazing Brenda Green doing hair and makeup. An amazing model from Next Models shot in my studio in Los Angeles California. I am so sorry I forgot the name of my amazing stylist(the best I ever had used). She would bring volumes of clothes, accessories, and shoes and all were amazing. Wish I could have shot them all. We did lots of great shoots together, all three of us and would make magic every time.

Fashion model from Next in Los Angeles for Los Angeles Magazine by Matt Dunn

Fashion model from Next in Los Angeles for Los Angeles Magazine by Matt Dunn

Fashion model from Next in Los Angeles for Los Angeles Magazine by Matt Dunn

Fashion model from Next in Los Angeles for Los Angeles Magazine by Matt Dunn

Fashion model from Next in Los Angeles for Los Angeles Magazine by Matt Dunn

Fashion model from Next in Los Angeles for Los Angeles Magazine by Matt Dunn

Fashion model from Next in Los Angeles for Los Angeles Magazine by Matt Dunn

Fashion model from Next in Los Angeles for Los Angeles Magazine by Matt Dunn

Michele Pommier Working Same Miami Modeling Magic











MDP_2233RTCHFMichele Pommier is at it again. Always the workaholic, Pommier is once again discovering and turning out models that will soon be at the top of the game. Working with her more than 25 years one can attest to Michele’s resolve in shaking things up in the modeling field.
Teaming up with many of the industries top names like Matt Dunn and his photography, she is pushing ahead of many who came after she built the empire and modeling business in south Florida more than 2 decades ago.
Pommier has always had the knack of finding unique, fabulous, and iconic faces. When she pairs that with the unique lens-work of noted fashion and celebrity photographer, Matt Dunn, something special happens. “The team is working like a well oiled machine”, Dunn remarked.” Having met Michele more than 25 years ago, she gave me my shot in the business by allowing me to photograph many of her top models, many of which went on to super-stardom”. Dunn added, “What a gift that was when Michele gave me birth in such a exclusive business”.

Located at 309 23rd street, suite 320, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, the magic continues. Along with Matt Dunn, Pommier is also partnering with Katia Sherman, president of Major Models. Sherman was her second in charge back in the greatest modeling boom in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. Together, they built Michele Pommier Models from a small agency in Coral Gables into a worldwide powerhouse agency whose billings were among the largest in the industry.

Interested parties should inquire at (305) 397-8036 or on the web at
“We are a boutique agency, representing a small group of working models & talent, which gives
us the ability to work closely with them and concentrate on their individual careers.”

In the 1970’s, Miami Beach became known as God’s Waiting Room. It’s younger sons and
daughters looked around, cringed, and booked the next flight out. They couldn’t be blamed,
really. The area had decayed badly and there was no reason to stay.

Into this morass stepped Michele Pommier, a supermodel turned entrepreneur. Pommier took one
look at all that the fleeing youngsters waved away “the sunshine, the palm trees, that ocean!”
And saw opportunity. She envisioned a future where others saw a void.

Give Pommier credit for being the first to open a modeling agency in Miami, in 1979. She
recognized South Beach as a viable photo location, extolled its virtues, and challenged others to
join her. She raised the bar of the fashion and beauty industry of this area, bringing it up to
international standards.

This Westport, Connecticut native was one of the most recognized models in the ’70s. She
started out with the esteemed Ford agency in New York City. Later, having accomplished as a
model what she wanted to accomplish, she set out to be an agency owner. Pommier moved to
Coral Gables and opened an agency and prepared for the deluge she knew would follow. It did,
she stayed, and thousands have made their careers off of her 1979 vision.

New Website But Same Web Address

I have been working diligently on my new website. I had to go back to the beginning since all of the images are bigger and have much more detail. I should launch it in the next week since I am putting the finishing touches on everything. Working on new logo too. You will also see many updated images as well. Thank you everyone for your patience

Delray Beach International Tennis Championships February 24,2010

Ricardo Mello lost in straight sets to 2010 ITC winner Mardy Fish, 6-2, 6-1.

New Video of Beauty Handbook Photo Shoot by Matt Dunn

10 Rules for Photographers and Models by Matt Dunn

Link to Matt Dunn Photography official website: 10 Rules For Female Models from Male Photographers

– Stop being snooty! Because there will always be someone better than you with a better attitude.

– Stop talking shit about others. We don’t care how much you hate the other models and what drama you had with them. We’re your photographers not your Psychotherapists. Besides, times are wasting when you could be shooting!

– Stop being a flake. Some photographers use valuable studio time to shoot you, if you’re not showing up, at least give us a call. It’s common sense. And yes we’ve heard the “I got in to an accident” excuse a million times.

– Don’t shoot with a photographer if you’re just doing it for practice. A lot of the time it’s noticeable when you choose to shoot with crappy photographers just because you want to feel better about yourself, and don’t have the confidence to shoot with good ones. If you’re gonna shoot with someone you don’t like and complain in the end…
then DON’T DO IT!! It’s that simple.

– Chain your testosterone driven boyfriend on a leash. While it’s totally understandable that you want to bring him for protection, an overzealous bf is just a headache and a half. We have TV dramas for that kind of stuff.

– Don’t just stand there like a stick! No explanation needed for this one.

– Don’t move around too much too!

– Have patience with your photos. Even if it’s digital, it takes time to edit these images. Especially if you have a lot of pimples and blemishes… and yes… fat!

– No, we’re not gonna carry your bags. We’re not bell boys. Some of us are nice enough to offer but don’t make it seem like we owe it to you, or like it’s a privilege.

10 Rules for Male Photographers from Female Models

– No we’re not going to sleep with you. Models are in very vulnerable positions of having photographers take charge of what’s being shot. We have to expose our skin time to time, and we know that is something hard for some of you to handle. Did we mention No means No?

– We’re not an escort or dating service either. Enough said.

– Stop talking negative about others. While some are legit warnings about shady photographers, we can usually tell if you’re just hating on others or not.

– Stop being Jealous. We’re Models… we shoot with different photographers. Enough said.

– Compliment us time to time. We know you’re not our Bf’s to tell us if our asses look fat or not… but a lot of us are insecure about certain areas and we need to know if we’re doing fine. However, “You’re HAWT!!! is not a compliment.

– If you want us to look good for our shoots, please don’t offer any cold cuts or pizza when we eat. We do have cravings too, and it kills us that we can’t eat them.

– Get over yourself. A lot of Photographers have what we call “God Complexes”. You’re good, we chose you. But there are plenty of Photographers who are better out there.

– Photos take time to edit, but don’t take “too much time”. We’re excited to see what you’ve done with us so can you blame us for rushing you?

– Don’t be offended if we’re careful with signing certain contracts. We just don’t want to end up being in some sort of porn site.

– If we want to bring our BF’s for the sake of protection, please try to understand. Especially if this is our first time. There are a lot of creeps out there and we just don’t want to get raped or sexually harassed.

Matt Dunn Has a New Favorite Model…wow!!! Emily Didonato

My new favorite model…wow!!!

Sarasota Magazine November 2010 is Out Now!!! Matt Dunn Photography

My team and I shot this beautiful story last month for Sarasota Magazine.  We all loved the model, Elena from Front Models here in Miami Beach.  The hair and makeup team was spot-on and my assistant, John Ulmer, was amazing as well.  He even shot some video when I wasnt even looking.  We all trekked over to Sarasota and photographed this at the Rupp-Seibert House.  The fashion stylist. Lissa Murphy, was a doll and put together beautiful clothes and jewelry to make this story a stunningly beautiful project to work on.

Model Elena K. at Front Management Miami

Sarasota Magazine November 2010