Middlemen like Thumbtack is Hurting Photographers

Today we have a phenomenon going on that is horrible for the consumer.  It is the constant clogging of the internet searches by companies who are acting in their own behalf by charging for referral services.  They are doing this as sounding as being your friend but in reality charge the business for referring you to them all the while making it difficult for the customer to find the actual companies.   This is what these “lawyer referral” companies are doing as well as Angies List and in photographers way are Creative Finder and Thumbtack and now a new one called Localgrapher.  These companies charge the photographer who then in turn will charge you the fees to you.  I’m informing you of this since they are making it increasingly difficult, in many industries, to find the people who are really the talent and who do the work.  Please refrain from using these services since they keep muddying the internet searches and keeping us from being found by you.  Also they are pushing your fees higher as well as keeping you from finding the best fit for your needs. 

Elle’ments Magazine September 2013

This is a swimwear layout I did for Elle’ments Magazine. We shot this in July and the heat was nearly unbearable.
Sherilyn Segal did the
makeup and John from Caroline Gleason Models got us the blonde(Katie) and the brunette we used was from MC2(Gabrielle)







Nouveau Magazine

Nouveau Magazine