Model and Photographer Scams Are Back At It Again

Model and Photographer Scams Are Back At It Again.  Watch out newbie photographers and models as some people are scouring the modeling websites and randomly calling, texting, emailing, or all three.  I recently got a text from a Los Angeles phone number (323)364-3628 and it sounded way too good to be true.  Also didn’t make much sense seeing that although I make much initial contact with clients though an email rarely does anyone text my cell phone unless they know me.  I answered the text and then three days later I received another text.  The initial text was this:

Hi Matt Dunn, I’m Karen Porter from I have a modeling assignment for you if you are interested kindly get in touch with me through Text 323-3643-628 Or email

Now many times I have to give the benefit of the doubt to new or new to this industry clients.  However when I saw much of the verbiage being used, the wrong grammar, and the wrong punctuation I was beyond skeptical.  However I texted back the same day I received the initial text and recieved no response.  I also called the number the text originated from with an electronic machine answering.

Today I received a text again.  This time I was certain with the grammar and message:

Hi Matt am sorry it too me so long before getting back to you due to my schedule are tight.. i already email you kindly check it and reply all needed as soon as possible.. Thanks Karen Porter

So here is the email:

Dear Matt,
My name is Karen Porter from United State Of America, I’m a
freelance modeling agent working for Nat Magazine in recruiting Model,
Wardrobe stylist, Makeup artist and Hair stylist.
I text you regarding your post on modelmanagement . I was thrilled when
i saw your profile while surfing the Internet. I work with a newly
opened clothing store in Los Angele’s Ca, . Currently we are working
on promotional sales and advert for the store, I’m currently
recruiting models for a special edition of the magazine for publishing
and posing of the Store Sales Promo Magazine to boost their sales and
help them pave there way up the clothing industry meeting up with the
world of fashion today.
Sincerely I will be honored if i can work with you on this project,
you can come on board as a professional Photography, Shots will be taken to
advertise the stores products ranging from casual wears, Dinner gowns,
cooperate wears and different types of Model both for male and female.
Two fantastic Model will be assigned to you, the models will be
taking there shots for two hours meaning you will be needed for the
same period of time.
The location of the shoots will be in Los Angeles , CA  within next 2
weeks, the photo shoot, fashion show; etc will be used for the
magazine cover of Zest magazine (NO NUDES), which is a brand of Nat
I believe that you will make a good Model. The shoot is just for 1 day
and you will be paid $6,600 for the whole project, The date for the
shooting is not yet fixed, I will have to make arrangement for that
ahead from now, there is a company financing this whole project, I
will email you the exact date for the shooting as soon as the
arrangement is completed with our client.
As part of our working policy and ethics, we give part payment to our
clients before we proceed with any job and balance immediately after
the work, You will be paid $500 as your part payment, your
accommodation, transportation and feeding we be free cause we will
make provision for it.
In order to be certainly sure that i have you booked, funds will be
sent to you immediately on confirmation of your payment information as
clearly outlined below this e-mail. After payment has been received,
the photo shoot will be taken and sent to the store. The whole crew
(the Photographer, the Hair stylist, the wardrobe manager) will be
delighted to work with you.
In order for booking arrangements to be made as soon as possible, I
need you to provide me with the following details:
Name in full……..
Residential address….
Zip code….
Phone number… (Cell and home)
Any previous experience…I wait your quick response
Karen Porter

This is obviously a scam targeting model  kids and newbie photographers.  Be wary.  They are offering quick front money(send you a check for more than stated and ask you to put it in your bank account and ask you to send them the difference after taking your fee out.  Your money is real and theirs is non existent).  Another clear way of knowing this is a scam other than all of the grammatical errors is how they are talking to photographers and models saying I would be a great model.  Their are too many flags throughout.




Model Launcher and owner Bill Staniford, formerly of Property Shark,who was also involved with dating a Russian spy, is at it again. Misrepresenting his new company as a viable and successful model scouting firm all the while propping himself up abusing a loophole in Facebook to basically steal images from all corners of the world. Even though it has been pointed out to him, Staniford and his company continues to pilfer from image makers, model talent, singers, actors and actresses,hair and makeup artists, clothing stylists and countless others in the “real business” Staniford passes himself off as belonging to. He is stealing from the same industry professionals he is wanting and trying to be a part of. He is using photos of Rhianna, Heidi Klum, Irina Shayk with Select Model Management,and Izabel Goulart with Women Models,among others, all without their permission. He knows all of this as it is willful misrepresentation and wants to mislead the wannabe model public, most notably young boys and girls, into believing he has something to do with the successful promotion of these models, singers, and actors. He is doing all of this in hopes of creating a following/ ie. traffic to his fallacious sites. In a recent email exchange I had with Mansfield Staniford I told him: You know what you have been doing is illegal and immoral since when I pointed out how you were misrepresenting yourself and company(federal copyright infringement) you had one of your minions quickly take down my notices on Facebook to continue your deception. Here is the link to the ridiculously lengthy TERMS OF USE legal notice THEY USE to try to strip any rights YOU have.
He then tried threatening me:
“I am sure that you wouldn’t want someone attempting to destroy your online reputation, would you? That wouldn’t be very good for business, would it? I would kindly ask you to remove your fallacious comments regarding Model Launcher within the next 24 hours and we can both pretend that we never met each other.”
The only one being fallacious here is MODEL LAUNCHER, Bill Staniford aka Mansfield Staniford who is masquerading as someone connected to the fashion,beauty,music, and acting business.


I was recently approached by a guy named Bill Staniford AKA Mansfield Staniford. He pitched me an idea where he can enter into the foray of the fashion world and act as an agent/promoter/model agency. This guy is really a computer guy who has learned to manipulate search engines as well as building software and is very proud of his fraudulent ability to not only use Facebook for his own publicity but also claims to be producing models and discovering new talent. This is the same guy who was involved with a Russian spy which was all over the news. He is now trying to seduce wannabe models into a lavish Miami Beach trip which includes a free hotel and photo shoot. Like you have always learned, “if it sounds to good to be true don’t believe it”! He is building his false reputation by making himself look credible stealing images from all over the world wide web. In his view, models images and photographers images have no worth so he is and continues in a federal crime which is copyright infringement. He has literally hundreds of images in which he has stolen from websites all over the web. For a guy who claims to have an up and up business he continues his stealing to make himself and his shady company look credible. He is intimating also that the models he has stolen their images somehow came through his company. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Now that he has hoodwinked literally 147,000 people on his Facebook with his deception,he is going to try to get advertisers on board. He said to me he has a vendetta against Model Mayhem(I’m not a big fan but at least they don’t steal images). I went through his whole Facebook page and placed a notice on all of the infringed images(Took me literally hours) and the next day they had removed all of the comments. WHY? Because he knows it is wrong and I called him on it. I have been in this business for more than 25 years and have a stellar reputation. This bunch is trying to cheat, lie, steal, and trick kids into following them, entering phony contests just to get followers. This in turn translates into advertisers viewing them as credible and makes them money. Also when you are trying to act as an agent one needs a license. Another loophole sidestepping by Staniford. What is next who knows but the business model they have created and are working on is predatory to photographers, models, makeup artists, and the whole fashion industry as a whole. Make no mistake, Staniford and Model Launcher has NO CONNECTIONS to the model industry, knows no agencies,knows nothing about the modelling or fashion industry, and cannot help you or your career. And remember, they have no agency license. Remember ProScout, Manhattan Model Search, and all the other scams out there. They built their business on wannabe models and built themselves up with stories of dreams of celebrity, beauty, riches, and fame. They also love to target Florida. A very credible source once told me that Florida is the most scam-able naive people on the planet.