I was recently approached by a guy named Bill Staniford AKA Mansfield Staniford. He pitched me an idea where he can enter into the foray of the fashion world and act as an agent/promoter/model agency. This guy is really a computer guy who has learned to manipulate search engines as well as building software and is very proud of his fraudulent ability to not only use Facebook for his own publicity but also claims to be producing models and discovering new talent. This is the same guy who was involved with a Russian spy which was all over the news. He is now trying to seduce wannabe models into a lavish Miami Beach trip which includes a free hotel and photo shoot. Like you have always learned, “if it sounds to good to be true don’t believe it”! He is building his false reputation by making himself look credible stealing images from all over the world wide web. In his view, models images and photographers images have no worth so he is and continues in a federal crime which is copyright infringement. He has literally hundreds of images in which he has stolen from websites all over the web. For a guy who claims to have an up and up business he continues his stealing to make himself and his shady company look credible. He is intimating also that the models he has stolen their images somehow came through his company. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Now that he has hoodwinked literally 147,000 people on his Facebook with his deception,he is going to try to get advertisers on board. He said to me he has a vendetta against Model Mayhem(I’m not a big fan but at least they don’t steal images). I went through his whole Facebook page and placed a notice on all of the infringed images(Took me literally hours) and the next day they had removed all of the comments. WHY? Because he knows it is wrong and I called him on it. I have been in this business for more than 25 years and have a stellar reputation. This bunch is trying to cheat, lie, steal, and trick kids into following them, entering phony contests just to get followers. This in turn translates into advertisers viewing them as credible and makes them money. Also when you are trying to act as an agent one needs a license. Another loophole sidestepping by Staniford. What is next who knows but the business model they have created and are working on is predatory to photographers, models, makeup artists, and the whole fashion industry as a whole. Make no mistake, Staniford and Model Launcher has NO CONNECTIONS to the model industry, knows no agencies,knows nothing about the modelling or fashion industry, and cannot help you or your career. And remember, they have no agency license. Remember ProScout, Manhattan Model Search, and all the other scams out there. They built their business on wannabe models and built themselves up with stories of dreams of celebrity, beauty, riches, and fame. They also love to target Florida. A very credible source once told me that Florida is the most scam-able naive people on the planet.

New Additions to My Junkyard Series

I have been doing this “Junkyard Series” for 20 years. I do additions to the series when I find great locations and/or great models as muses. As the title implies, I do the series in dirty and often times strange locations which are unacceptable and one would rarely find fantastically sexy and beautiful people in. I love the contrasts not only in the people but in the elements of the location. If anyone knows of other locations I could do more of these in please let me know. Otherwise I will be looking everywhere. Please see my other work for the series at my main website.  What a gorgeous creature!!!