Model and Photographer Scams Are Back At It Again

Model and Photographer Scams Are Back At It Again.  Watch out newbie photographers and models as some people are scouring the modeling websites and randomly calling, texting, emailing, or all three.  I recently got a text from a Los Angeles phone number (323)364-3628 and it sounded way too good to be true.  Also didn’t make much sense seeing that although I make much initial contact with clients though an email rarely does anyone text my cell phone unless they know me.  I answered the text and then three days later I received another text.  The initial text was this:

Hi Matt Dunn, I’m Karen Porter from I have a modeling assignment for you if you are interested kindly get in touch with me through Text 323-3643-628 Or email

Now many times I have to give the benefit of the doubt to new or new to this industry clients.  However when I saw much of the verbiage being used, the wrong grammar, and the wrong punctuation I was beyond skeptical.  However I texted back the same day I received the initial text and recieved no response.  I also called the number the text originated from with an electronic machine answering.

Today I received a text again.  This time I was certain with the grammar and message:

Hi Matt am sorry it too me so long before getting back to you due to my schedule are tight.. i already email you kindly check it and reply all needed as soon as possible.. Thanks Karen Porter

So here is the email:

Dear Matt,
My name is Karen Porter from United State Of America, I’m a
freelance modeling agent working for Nat Magazine in recruiting Model,
Wardrobe stylist, Makeup artist and Hair stylist.
I text you regarding your post on modelmanagement . I was thrilled when
i saw your profile while surfing the Internet. I work with a newly
opened clothing store in Los Angele’s Ca, . Currently we are working
on promotional sales and advert for the store, I’m currently
recruiting models for a special edition of the magazine for publishing
and posing of the Store Sales Promo Magazine to boost their sales and
help them pave there way up the clothing industry meeting up with the
world of fashion today.
Sincerely I will be honored if i can work with you on this project,
you can come on board as a professional Photography, Shots will be taken to
advertise the stores products ranging from casual wears, Dinner gowns,
cooperate wears and different types of Model both for male and female.
Two fantastic Model will be assigned to you, the models will be
taking there shots for two hours meaning you will be needed for the
same period of time.
The location of the shoots will be in Los Angeles , CA  within next 2
weeks, the photo shoot, fashion show; etc will be used for the
magazine cover of Zest magazine (NO NUDES), which is a brand of Nat
I believe that you will make a good Model. The shoot is just for 1 day
and you will be paid $6,600 for the whole project, The date for the
shooting is not yet fixed, I will have to make arrangement for that
ahead from now, there is a company financing this whole project, I
will email you the exact date for the shooting as soon as the
arrangement is completed with our client.
As part of our working policy and ethics, we give part payment to our
clients before we proceed with any job and balance immediately after
the work, You will be paid $500 as your part payment, your
accommodation, transportation and feeding we be free cause we will
make provision for it.
In order to be certainly sure that i have you booked, funds will be
sent to you immediately on confirmation of your payment information as
clearly outlined below this e-mail. After payment has been received,
the photo shoot will be taken and sent to the store. The whole crew
(the Photographer, the Hair stylist, the wardrobe manager) will be
delighted to work with you.
In order for booking arrangements to be made as soon as possible, I
need you to provide me with the following details:
Name in full……..
Residential address….
Zip code….
Phone number… (Cell and home)
Any previous experience…I wait your quick response
Karen Porter

This is obviously a scam targeting model  kids and newbie photographers.  Be wary.  They are offering quick front money(send you a check for more than stated and ask you to put it in your bank account and ask you to send them the difference after taking your fee out.  Your money is real and theirs is non existent).  Another clear way of knowing this is a scam other than all of the grammatical errors is how they are talking to photographers and models saying I would be a great model.  Their are too many flags throughout.



Model Launcher Desparate Attempt to Discredit Those Who Stand Against Them

There is a new and insidious wave of cyber-sites on the internet that do nothing more than promise fame, fortune,and fairness to the new and unwary young models. Therefore they muddy the water for the model who doesn’t know any better.
Remember the model scams of the past?
Paying agencies for photo packages all the while getting no promotion. Mass model searches as Pro-Scout, Manhattan Model Search ect are all forms of this.Sure, once in a long while and after taking tens of millions of dollars in fees from the unwary, they will run across someone who really is model material. Sure, a representative from real agencies show up since they are promised an expense account at a nice Florida hotel(from the “scouting” company). Many time they are paid a fee as well all from the fees you pay to objectively get advice. The agents also know they “may” stumble upon a diamond in the rough.
The new wave of these scams, like MODE LAUNCHER, have no licensing, hide in little rooms behind computers, and seem harmless all the while gleaning information from those kids, promising contests and trips to South Beach to shoot with top photographers. They are profiting, by deception,by selling their information all the while gaining what seems to be and audience. They promise the streets are paved with gold and that winning one of their “contests” will change your life. They steal images right off the internet and intimate they have something to do with, or started these models career. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am here to tell you the truth. Lets quickly get to the “Contest” portion. These are rigged and are chosen by Bill Staniford, AKA William Staniford as well as a few of his associates. How do I know this? Because he tried to recruit me into his slimy business so he could use my knowledge and credibility in this business to help repair and bolster his reputation.
He is trying to cloak himself and his intentions by getting seeming endorsements from a few highly respected names, like myself, in this business. Staniford’s latest offensive is to name, only Matt Dunn Photography, in a blog post. Why? Because I have and continue to pull back the curtain on his latest scam.
I have been in this business for more than 30 years, first as a model and then a successful photographer for the past 25+ years. I have never met such an arrogant, self-centered individual as Bill Staniford. Model Launcher, Staniford’s business, has been in effect for little more than a year. Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 10.40.49 AM
He believes that no matter who is in the room he is smarter than him. Rules don’t apply to his nor does fairness so what he does and who he does it to has no effect on him.
Now that I have lifted the veil on him and Model Launcher, so to speak, he has sent me hate driven emails and now is putting up a few detrimental blog entries.

The first threatening email I received from Bill after I wrote my first blog entry uncovering his deceptive photo posting and intimation that he had something to do with these models.  Note he still is defending his deception.

The first threatening email I received from Bill after I wrote my first blog entry uncovering his deceptive photo posting and intimation that he had something to do with these models. Note he still is defending his deception.

This is all driven because I refused to work with Model Launcher as I had heard this scamming concept before and continue to tell the people to stay away. Here is the email I got from him yesterday in his hate-filled rage.
Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 10.20.01 AM
He believes he can tell lies about me and people will blindly follow and not do their homework. I have a world-wide amazing reputation and am producing work for magazines and advertising consistently. Look at my website to see but a few of my new works including recent shoot for ABC/Disney of Matt Damon. Staniford thinking that walking down a runway one time during a season of Project Runway it hitting the “big time” shows how he knows nothing about this business. Call any agency in Miami Beach, let alone in New York and you will find out that Model Launcher and Bill Staniford are invisible to the industry. I am sympathetic to models as it has gotten tougher and tougher for them to sift though all of the garbage,the pedophiles, thieves, and scams with all of these predators coming at them from all angles.


Continuing with a scam that is ongoing, Bill Staniford, AKA Mansfield Staniford who was involved with a Russian spy that was deported by the US government,keeps copyright infringing on photographers, model, makeup artists, stylists, and model agency masquerading as and agent. He and his cronies keep duping Facebook kids ranging from 10-25 into believing Model Launcher is an illegitimate model scouting organization. He knows he is tricking children as I have informed him as well as other of his business associates of his. He has absolutely NO TIES TO THE FASHION BUSINESS. I am about to turn him into the agencies he continues to steal from and he will be finished. Model Launcher is a scam and has no ties to the industry and never will. I talked to many of my friends who are in the model management business and they are behind me in pulling back the curtain on the deception that is Model Launcher.