Information About Matt Dunn Model Scouting

Matt Dunn Photography utilizes more than 25 years of fashion business expertise to provide innovative personal management to new and experienced talent.
Having a plan from day one is of the utmost importance to any model who wants a successful, long-term career.
The fashion industry is driven by youth and trends that can make one model a star and another yesterday’s news. Day rates and earnings depend on changes in styles and looks and a modeling career can be unexpectedly cut short.
Only a very small percentage of all aspiring models actually make it to the superstar level. However, with planning, solid understanding of the business, and one-on-one personal guidance from our expert team, talent can have enduring and lucrative careers.
Most models lack experience to stay in control of their careers and end up getting lost in the innumerable sea of other models.
We help our talent establish a strategy from day one based on our expertise and your expectations and goals. We can become your voice in an otherwise difficult business. We are a support system where we can develop and implement plans and bring them to fruition through our networks of top hair, makeup, and stylist, as well as world-class photographer, Matt Dunn. Our vast pool of top agency contacts from around the world allows us to match you with the agencies with whom your look will be the most compatible.
We look forward to working with you and welcome a call from you.