BEWARE of Gina Triolo Karlsson Platinum Magazine and Simply Elegant Platinum Weddings Magazine and Simply Elegant Linens UPDATE!

BEWARE of Gina Triolo Karlsson Platinum Magazine and Simply Elegant Platinum Weddings Magazine and Simply Elegant Linens UPDATE!

I have an update.  I submitted this case to JUDGE JUDY and the head producer called me.  I explained the entire case to her and then she agreed it would be a great case to have the Judge hear.  I gave her all of Gina’s aliases and her contact info as well.  She immediately called her and, as usual ,she was screening though her VM.  The producer called her once again and then she answered the phone.  She then made up a BS excuse and told the producer she would run the idea past her “attorneys”.  Obviously she doesn’t want to be seen, publicly on TV, as the fraud she continues to show everyone else.  It would be so fun to see Judge Judy’s reaction to all of her BS as well as the scams she perpetrates.  After all, what promoter doesn’t want free publicity for their magazine and projects.


BEWARE of Gina Triolo Karlsson Platinum Magazine and Simply Elegant Platinum Weddings Magazine and Simply Elegant Linens

BEWARE of Gina Triolo Karlsson Platinum Magazine and Simply Elegant Platinum Weddings Magazine and Simply Elegant Linens and Platinum Weddings Gala and The Couture Linen Collection and Platinum Weddings Group.  She has shown her dishonesty and lack of credibility in so many ways I don’t know where to start.  She and Platinum Magazine owe me and my team more than $3200 for the editorial shoot we were contracted to perform.  She has also effectively stolen that drive from me which is valued at more than $400.  They have yet to pay anyone for their work although I over-nighted ,via UPS, a Lacie portable hard-drive with all of the images from the photo shoot.  She has become a ghost by never answering phone calls and hiding from emails and texts from both my hair and makeup artists as well as myself.

Fake Magazine Platinum by Gina Triolo Karlsson

Fake Magazine Platinum by Gina Triolo Karlsson

I was first contacted by Gina Triolo to photograph her “new” magazine Platinum Fashion Magazine.  I found out she works out of her home at 32 Colonial Farm Rd Haverhill, MA 01832.  She contacted me initially on Facebook and then it moved onto calling me on her caller id blocked phone.  When I asked her about this she told me that she was being stalked and harassed by models who wanted to be on the cover of her magazines.  She talks way too much and way too fast all the while patting herself on the back.  However I have met editors like this in the past so I simply appeased her.  She constantly talked to me about all of the people she knew and how much money she had.    She talked with me over 20 times in the weeks prior to the shoot, many times 10pm and later, about the look she was wanting, locations, models, agencies, hair and makeup artists and rates for all of them.  I could clearly see, many times, she was a novice at these types of shoots.  However I just thought I knew so much more having been in the fashion editorial business for nearly 30 years.  I helped her and suggested multiple model agencies, did card pulls, called and booked hair and makeup artists, all on my credible reputation.  I let her book a hotel I suggested, The Mondrian in Miami Beach.  Thank goodness I did so I wasn’t stuck with that bill.

Gina has the following know aliases. 

Known Aliases: Gina M Durgin
Gina M Sgarano
Gina Karlssom
Gina M Karlsson
M Karlsson
Gina Karlsson

Her birthdate is October 6, 1973

Fake Magazine Platinum by Gina Triolo Karlsson who is a thief and scammer!

Fake Magazine Platinum by Gina Triolo Karlsson who is a thief and scammer!

Fake Magazine Platinum by Gina Triolo Karlsson who is a thief and scammer!

Fake Magazine Platinum by Gina Triolo Karlsson who is a thief and scammer!

Fake Magazine Platinum by Gina Triolo Karlsson who is a thief and scammer!

Fake Magazine Platinum by Gina Triolo Karlsson who is a thief and scammer!

About a week prior to the shoot date  Gina Triolo Karlsson  requested invoices from the hair stylist, makeup artist, and myself, the photographer.  She told us she wanted the invoices early so she could get them to her accounting department so we could be paid a few days after the shoot.  Of course this sounded very good to all of us so we complied to her requests and got her the invoices immediately.  The invoice I sent her was on June 18 2014, a few days before our shoot.  The makeup artist and hair stylist both sent their payment information a few days before I sent her my information.

On the day of the shoot, I arrived about 45 minutes early, a practice I have always done since the beginning of my career.  After all I wanted to make sure I had ample time to scope out locations throughout the hotel since Gina told me that we had open access to the hotel. When we arrived she was hesitant to tell us the room number since she was not even out of bed yet.  That was the first bank of lies she told me to my face.  After the models and hair and makeup artists congregated in the lobby Mrs. Triolo – Karlsson arrived, full of many excuses.  My opinion is that of excuse making and lies are her MO and you will see this throughout this story.   Gina Triolo Karlsson has given me many different names of people that don’t exist. The last person she has made up is Kathleen Humphrey but she has also used the alias Linda Ellis as well.  They are supposedly at the same phone number(781-526-1906) which always goes directly to voice mail.  I have never spoke with anyone other than Gina.  I have left messages and have never received a voice call back.  Usually what has been happening is a day or 2 later I get a BS email from her.

As I usually do, my assistant and Gina Triolo Karlsson walked around the hotel looking for shot locations.  Once again she told me that she had full run and authority to shoot anywhere in the hotel.  This was another lie that was uncovered during the shoot.

As I have demonstrated Gina Triolo is a scam artist masquerading as a magazine editor and  multiple business owner.  She claims to have been in business for many years all the while what I have learned is that she preys on those who don’t do their research or have no research to glean info from.  This is what I hope those who find this on-line will get from my experience.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate calling me.  I will fill in the blanks for you.

As for Gina Triolo Karlsson, my attorneys have been alerted and are in attack mode.  I will get paid!



Are you a Professional Photographer?-Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer | Portrait Photography

Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer | Portrait Photography

Are You a Professional Photographer?
Take this simple test to see if you (or someone you know) shows the characteristics of a true
You pay taxes on your income.
You file estimated tax payments q
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like a real professional.
You have a real website
. Facebook doesn’t count. A website legitimizes you as someone who
will be around in a couple of years, and knows how to run a business.
You have an established post production workflow with backups and offsite storage
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the originals?
You have backup equipment
. Say you drop your main camera/lens at a wedding. What will
you do? Where is your backup gear? How will you respond in front of your client?
You set custom white balance and calibrate your monitors
. If you don’t know what these
are, that might explain why your images don’t produce consistent colors.
You don’t rely on filters, special effects, color gimmicks or other manipulation to give
your images appeal
. If they can’t stand on their own with basic post production, are they really
that good? Getting the exposure right “in camera” is a hallmark of a talented professional.
You work with reputable print labs and equipment to generate quality printed output and
. Your clients really do want prints. Are you going to let them produce terrible prints at
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You have insurance
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You represent the business of photography professionally.
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Another Photographer Scam Alert

Another Photographer scam alert

What good news!!! Someone wants to hire me as a photographer.

It seems that a Ms Doris Clack of Toledo want me to go out and shoot her wedding on the 31st of May.

Wow, good news indeed – my fame as a pro photographer has spread!!! 😉 I must reply immediately…

Only a few minor issues… Firstly I’m a commercial photographer who rarely covers weddings at all.

Secondly, the address looks like this. Hmm, just the sort of place I feel like traveling to in Toledo OH.

1515 W Laskey Rd, Toledo, OH, United States
What is this, a Simpsons address. Where do these guys come up with this? If they were
smart at least they would have recruited someone who could proofread and find all of the spelling and grammatical errors.

If I remember rightly, this one goes along the lines of:
1, ‘We’ll send you a check for all your costs and expenses”
2, Wedding gets cancelled
3, “Keep 20% of the check value, if you can just transfer the rest back to us”
4, Check turns out to be stolen/forged, so you lose the money you sent back.

I’ve seen much more plausible ones than this – what I always ask myself is… “OK, I know I’m a great photographer but why would someone pay to fly me out of Florida? Cant they find a good photographer available far cheaper locally?”

The full email…
Good day,

I am Miss Doris Clack from United State, i am getting married to Mr
James bills on the 31 0f May 2013 at 1515 W Laskey Rd, Toledo, OH 43612
i needed a special photographer who will take a place at the
event next months i will like to know all what it will cost
you to get to the location here and the actual amount to take a
coverage of 7hour from the church to the reception i really need to
know this so that i can contact my father in-law about this because he
his the one paying for this coverage await your response immediately.

Thanks & God bless
Doris Clack